the WindCoil

What we have created is a small 50,000 kw capacity WindCoil. Our next industrial model is going in at our pilot project site in La Paz, Arizona

Industrial WindCoil targeted at 500 kilowatts. Total site build out is for over a gigawatt.

If we want an earth for our kids to inherit, we must decentralize the energy grid and allow for developing countries to leap frog the energy grid. This is our "Nikola Tesla Coil" in that we can decentralize the energy grid as was Tesla's vision. In truth the technology has nothing to do with Nikola Tesla. We are leaning more on Barry Auerbach, Michael Faraday and Sadi Carnot.

We bring an order of magnitude cost reduction to renewables

Designed for all environments. It will work in bad weather, be it really hot or really cold, high wind or no wind due to its variable mass non-intermittent design.

Key Concepts: Variable Mass | Calina Cycle | Solar Thermal

The WindCoil configuration primarily produces DC power with the only byproducts being oxygen, hydrogen and small amounts of water.

Hydrogen creation and use is a critical path to clear air. What's more hydrogen can be produced anywhere in the world all from local resources.

Our focus is on using regenerative practices, utilizing end of life materials that would likely be found in a scrap yard or landfill.

Our team is confident we can produce a Megawatt WindCoil for less than $400,000 variable cost and below $150,000 variable cost once we are established. In the Caribbean a Megawatt windmill is worth in excess of $7,500 per day. In Germany it could make $5,500 per day.